Apex Finalist Acceptance Speech

This is truly an honor. Thank you Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Women in Business.
“It takes a village to raise a child.” I thank God for the people in my village who have brought me to this point and I share this nomination with all of them. It is, in the end our connection to people that makes the journey of life worthwhile.
I am fortunate to have my Mother her from CT. Mom, you believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I watched you get back up time again as life dealt you hard blows. You taught me perseverance and the power of unconditional love; two things I try to teach my teen foster and human trafficking victims.
I share a special bond with my sister, Annie. Thank you for being my confidant and friend. I couldn’t imagine this moment with you. In my eyes, you will always be”The Greatest Star.”
I also thank Dr. Dennis Botehlo for pushing a small town girl to become a doctor. To the late Dr. Shari Lieberman for introducing me to Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine: you gave me a whole new set of tools to help my patients.
People ask my how I find time to do it all. I have an incredible husband who has been an amazing father to our girls. Mark, you are my rock. My girls, Josephine and Carmela, you are wise beyond your years and innately accept God’s plan. Thank you for understanding why I often don’t make it home to tuck you in.
Foster care and human trafficking are 2 atrocities of our generation. I feel a personal responsibility as a mother to do something. I want to have an answer for my girls when they ask me “Mommy what did you do to help these children?’
Next to being a mother and doctor, being part of the Village of Our Mother’s Home is one of the top 3 greatest joys of my life. My invitation to join was a true calling from God and I remember the moment vividly. Life would certainly be easier if all His messages were so clear.
I thank Karen Watson, our Executive director for nominating me and reminding me to “keep the faith.” Your recognition has tremendous meaning to me. Thank you for breathing new life into our home.
I thank mentors like Michele Petrites, for sharing your story of survival with our girls in hopes of inspiring the same. You have done group with me week after week for over 3 years teaching the parenting class; I couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you to our volunteers, especially Emily Foehl for showing our girls unconditional love, our founder Helen Coppage, past and present board members, including Pat Kreutzer, our unpaid office manager, the unforgettable Ellie Poole and now Shelly Osterhout, who I am proud to share this stage with. Shelly you’re a mover and shaker and I can’t wait to see the things that we are going to do for Our Mother’s Home.  I thank our many donors, without you our doors would not be open. Lastly, I thank our staff who work for less pay then their jobs are worth, but do it because they believe in our mission.
Tom Monaghan will be our guest speaker at the 3rd Annual Hearts of Love Gala with Lindsay Logue of NBC news 2 our MC, on Feb 16, 2013 details are in the program.
Come join the village of Our Mother’s Home. It will change the life of a child for generations to come, and yours forever for the better. Thank you.


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