About Dr.Sievers

In 1996 Dr. Sievers graduated with honors from West Virginia University of veterinary science.

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a Veterinarian. Much of my personal life has been a constant quest for healthier eating and lifestyle. And just like the other pet owners I have been honored to care for ours fur friends

Over the years, the more knowledge I gained, the more eager I was to share it with people. My goal is to restore unhealthy pets back to optimal wellness by balancing hormones, providing good nutritional , removing toxins.

I have 3 good boys with a mane coon cat, they are my best friends and become important members in the family. my experience with them made me again eager to share my knowledge with other pet owners

I truly believe my passion is to assist other pets owners.

“Getting your pets healthy is my passion; make them being healthy is your choice”